Dune Collection

This is a collection like you've never seen before. Who needs straight lines and clean edges when imperfection is where true beauty lies. Deep and magestic purple stones surrounded in a shimmering sea of diamonds set in a beautifully abstract 14K piece that will turn heads no matter where you are or the occasion.

Dune Organic Mini Hoop 8mm (Single)

$ 275.00 USD

Dune Slim Diamond Band

From $ 720.00 USD

Blue Dune Drop Earrings

$ 850.00 USD

Dune Organic Small Hoop 10mm (Single)

$ 350.00 USD

Dune Organic Micro Hoop 6mm (Single)

$ 185.00 USD

Purple Sapphire Dune Drop Earrings

$ 900.00 USD

Dune Purple Sapphire Ring

$ 600.00 USD

Dune Purple Sapphire Pendant

$ 980.00 USD

Dune Purple Ellipse Bracelet

$ 550.00 USD

Dune Diamond Pendant

$ 1,000.00 USD

Dune Diamond Band

From $ 1,150.00 USD

Dune Blue Ellipse Bracelet

$ 450.00 USD

Blue Dune Charm Necklace

$ 950.00 USD