Halo Collection

A halo doesn't just go around your head, in fact, it looks even more stunning around your neck, on your ears, and on your fingers. This simple and modern symbol of angelic proportions is the perfect accent to any outfit. Studded in diamonds or beautiful rose gold surrounding one beautiful glimmering diamond, this is the modern piece that's been missing from you collection... until now.

Halo Mini Diamond Labret

$ 215.00 USD

Halo Mini Diamond Labret

$ 215.00 USD

Halo Diamond Pavé Trio Necklace

$ 1,495.00 USD

Dark Halo Sapphire Pendant

$ 750.00 USD

Halo Diamond Pendant

$ 915.00 USD

Halo Mini Full Diamond Labret (Single)

$ 195.00 USD

Halo Full Diamond Pendant

$ 995.00 USD

Halo Diamond Stud Earrings

$ 895.00 USD

Halo Diamond Ring

$ 675.00 USD

Dark Halo Sapphire Ring

$ 625.00 USD

Dark Halo Sapphire 14k rose gold Earrings

$ 995.00 USD