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Pave Diamond Engagement Rings

Pavé diamond engagement rings are known for their closely set stones that create a constant sparkle. Lark & Berry's collection showcases exquisite pavé engagement rings, all featuring ethically sourced, lab-grown diamonds. Each ring is crafted to maximise brilliance and elegance, representing everlasting love and commitment. Discover the perfect pavé diamond ring at Lark & Berry, where modern luxury meets timeless beauty.

Pave Diamond Rings: History & Meaning

Pavé diamond rings have a rich history, originating in 18th century France. The term "pavé," which means paved, aptly describes the tightly set stones that produce a seamless, radiant sparkle. Pavé rings gained popularity during the Victorian era and saw a resurgence in the Art Deco period of the 1920s.

Culturally, pavé diamond rings symbolise luxury, sophistication, and eternal love, making them ideal for engagement rings. These rings represent enduring beauty and commitment, favoured by celebrities and fashion icons throughout history, especially during Hollywood's Golden Age and on contemporary red carpets.

Today, the legacy of pavé diamond rings lives on in modern designs. Lark & Berry's collection blends traditional techniques with innovative craftsmanship, featuring ethically sourced, lab-grown diamonds. Our pavé engagement rings and pavé diamond rings combine historical elegance with contemporary style, celebrating both heritage and modern beauty.

Pave Ring Characteristics

Characterized by their delicate arrangement of tiny diamonds, pavé rings offer a seamless sparkle. These rings are a testament to the artistry of fine jewellery, where every detail contributes to a stunning and harmonious design. The elegance of pavé settings lies in their ability to enhance the natural brilliance of diamonds, making them a favored choice for those seeking a blend of sophistication and sparkle.

Creating a pavé diamond ring requires exceptional precision and skill. Jewellers precisely drill tiny holes into the metal band and carefully place each pavé diamond, securing them with minimal prongs or beads. This ensures the diamonds in a pavé engagement ring are securely set and perfectly aligned, maximizing brilliance and minimizing metal visibility.

Styles and variations within pavé rings  include micro-pavé, which uses the smallest diamonds for an ultra-fine look; French pavé, featuring V-shaped grooves that enhance the visibility of each pavé diamond; and scalloped pavé, with scalloped edges for added texture.

Common metals used in pavé rings include white gold, platinum, and yellow gold, each complementing the diamonds' sparkle differently. Both natural and lab-grown diamonds are popular choices, with colored diamonds providing vibrant alternatives. Our pavé diamond rings and pavé engagement rings showcase these materials and variations, offering elegance and customisation for every taste.

Tips for Choosing a Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

When selecting a pavé diamond engagement ring, consider the 4 Cs: cut, clarity, color, and carat. A well-cut pavé diamond maximises sparkle, high clarity ensures fewer imperfections, and a colourless diamond offers a bright appearance. Carat weight should align with your budget without compromising other qualities.

Assess the durability and security of the pavé setting. Ensure the pavé ring showcases excellent craftsmanship with securely set and aligned diamonds. Poor settings in a pavé diamond ring may lead to diamonds loosening over time, so choose a reputable jeweller like Lark & Berry.

Balance quality and cost by opting for slightly smaller pavé diamonds or lab-grown options, which provide excellent value and ethical benefits. Lab-grown diamonds are indistinguishable from natural ones and are more affordable.

Select a pavé engagement ring that matches personal style by considering ring design, metal type, and lifestyle. White gold and platinum offer a modern look, while yellow gold provides a classic touch. Ensure the pavé engagement ring suits the wearer’s daily activities to maintain its beauty and longevity.

Lab Grown Pave Rings by Lark & Berry

Lark & Berry specialises in lab grown pavé rings, showcasing diamonds created using advanced technology that mimics natural diamond formation. These lab grown diamonds are virtually identical to natural ones in both appearance and physical properties. 

Opting for lab grown diamonds in your pavé diamond ring not only ensures ethical sourcing by eliminating concerns about unethical mining practices but also reduces environmental impact compared to traditional mining. Additionally, lab grown diamonds often come at a lower cost while maintaining excellent quality and beauty. 

Lark & Berry's collection of lab grown pavé rings blends traditional pavé settings with modern aesthetics, offering a range of designs from delicate micro-pavé bands to bold pavé engagement rings. Each piece highlights the brilliance of lab grown diamonds, promoting ethical luxury without compromise.


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Pave Engagement Ring FAQ

What is a pave engagement ring?

A pavé engagement ring showcases a distinctive setting where small pave diamonds are closely arranged along the band. This arrangement creates an uninterrupted shimmer with minimal visible metal, enhancing the ring's overall brilliance and elegance.

The aesthetic impact of pavé settings is striking. The closely set diamonds catch and reflect light, resulting in a mesmerizing sparkle that adds glamour to any pave diamond ring.

Popular pavé engagement ring designs vary in style and diamond arrangement. Classic options feature a single row of pave diamonds along the band, while more intricate designs incorporate multiple rows or unique patterns. Whether it's a simple and understated pavé setting or a more elaborate design, pavé engagement rings offer eternal elegance and refinement.

What are the advantages of pave diamond rings?

Pavé diamond rings are highly favored for engagement rings due to their numerous benefits. The closely set diamonds in pavé settings significantly amplify the ring’s brilliance and visual impact, creating a dazzling sparkle that captures attention.

One key advantage is the design flexibility of pavé settings, allowing for various customisations to match individual styles and preferences. Whether opting for a classic single-row design or a more intricate multi-row arrangement, pavé rings offer versatility.

Furthermore, pavé diamond rings exude sophistication and luxury, making them an ideal choice for engagement rings. The seamless integration of diamonds into the band enhances the ring's elegance, symbolising enduring commitment and devotion.

With their stunning sparkle and customisable designs, pavé diamond rings are perfect for those seeking a sophisticated and glamourous engagement ring that reflects their unique personality and style.

What types of pave diamond settings are there?

Each pavé setting has its own charm and character, allowing you to choose the style that best complements your personal taste and preference. Popular pave engagement ring settings are:

Micro-Pavé settings involve placing very small pavé diamonds closely together along the band, creating an intricate and delicate appearance that enhances the overall brilliance of the pavé ring.

French Pavé settings feature a V-shaped cut under each pavé diamond, maximising light reflection and sparkle to elevate the brilliance of the pavé diamond ring.

Scalloped Pavé settings offer a vintage or intricate look, with the metal scalloped to securely hold the pave diamonds in place. This adds a unique design element while protecting the diamonds' beauty.

Whether you prefer the delicate allure of micro-pavé, the dazzling brilliance of French pavé, or the vintage charm of scalloped pavé, our variety of pavé engagement rings ensures there's something to suit every style.

Can you resize a pave ring?

Resizing a pave ring can pose challenges due to the closely set pave diamonds along the band. This process risks loosening the diamonds or altering the intricate pave setting.

It's crucial to entrust resizing to a skilled jeweller experienced in handling delicate settings like pave diamond rings. A knowledgeable jeweller can assess the pave engagement ring's structure and determine the safest approach to resizing while minimising the risk of damage to the diamonds.

Alternatively, for minor adjustments, resizing may not be necessary. A skilled jeweller can slightly adjust the pave ring size or utilise ring guards to accommodate changes without compromising the original pave setting. These alternatives provide flexibility while preserving the integrity and beauty of the pave diamond ring.

Ultimately, seeking professional advice and assistance ensures that resizing is done safely and effectively, maintaining the allure of your pave ring for years to come.

How do I choose the right metal for my pave engagement ring?

Common metals used in pave engagement rings include white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum. Each metal offers unique characteristics and aesthetics to consider when selecting your pave diamond ring.

White gold is renowned for its bright, silvery appearance and durability, making it an ideal choice for everyday wear. However, occasional rhodium plating may be needed to maintain its lustre.

Yellow gold exudes classic elegance and complements various skin tones, though it may show signs of wear over time due to its softer nature.

Rose gold offers a romantic and feminine appeal with its warm, pink hue, requiring periodic polishing to preserve its vibrancy.

Platinum, prized for its durability and hypoallergenic properties, is naturally white and resistant to tarnishing, making it a low-maintenance option for pave engagement rings.

Consider the overall design of your pave ring and your personal style preferences when choosing the right metal. Whether you prefer the timeless allure of white gold, the classic charm of yellow gold, the romantic appeal of rose gold, or the enduring durability of platinum, Lark & Berry offers a range of metal options to suit your pave engagement ring needs.

Are pave rings more fragile than other styles?

Pave rings can be more fragile due to the small pave diamonds and minimal metal holding them in place. The delicate nature of pave settings makes the pave diamond ring vulnerable to damage or loosening, especially with everyday wear.

Regular maintenance and inspections are crucial to ensure the pave diamonds remain secure. Periodic checks by a skilled jeweller can detect any signs of loosening or damage, allowing for timely repairs to prevent further issues.

While pave rings require careful handling, proper maintenance can prolong their lifespan. Compared to other ring styles, pave settings may need more attention to ensure the diamonds stay secure. Avoid wearing pave rings during activities that could potentially damage them, and store them separately to prevent scratches.

By following these care tips and staying vigilant with maintenance, you can enjoy the beauty of your pave engagement ring for years to come, ensuring its longevity and sparkle.

How do I pair my pave engagement ring with a wedding band?

Pairing your pavé engagement ring with a wedding band involves a thoughtful approach to enhance both rings' beauty and create a uniquely harmonious look. Start by considering matching metals to ensure a cohesive appearance that blends seamlessly. This choice not only highlights the elegance of your engagement ring but also ensures the two rings complement each other effortlessly.

Aligning styles is crucial; if your engagement ring features micro-pavé, French pavé, or scalloped pavé settings, look for a wedding band that mirrors or complements this design to unify the overall look and enhance brilliance..

For versatility, consider stacking options with a sleek, plain band to accentuate your pavé ring or choose a band with complementary gemstones or pavé details for added sparkle.

Customisation also offers a unique opportunity to tailor your wedding band to perfectly complement your engagement ring. Whether through personalised engravings, a bespoke design that echoes elements of your engagement ring, or a custom fit that ensures both rings sit together flawlessly, customisation adds a personal touch that reflects your style and commitment.