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Lark & Berry Launches “Lark & Berry Match,” the Ultimate Luxury Shopping Destination.

Renowned lab-grown jewellery designer Lark & Berry is proud to announce the launch of its latest venture - Lark & Berry Match.

This new platform is set to become the ultimate destination for luxury fashion enthusiasts, offering a carefully curated selection comprised solely of “must-have” items, each chosen for their exceptional quality, unique story and innovative production practices. It’s an extensive collection of incomparable high-end fashion brands from around the world – hand-picked not just for styles that really stand out, but also for uniqueness in the brands’ practices and origin stories.
More on those stories later…

Lark & Berry Match features a broad range of fashion items, including handbags, loungewear, formal wear, casual wear, shoes, and sunglasses, as well as a variety of lab-grown gemstone jewellery brands.

Laura Chavez, founder of Lark & Berry, reminds that "We believe in connecting our customers with luxury brands that share our passion for creating high-quality and unique products....


"...but it goes beyond just selling luxury product for Lark & Berry Match. With this platform, we want to showcase brands that have exceptional quality and creating in unique ways; brands that have great stories to tell and inspirations that compel customers to wear their items proudly."

Some examples of disrupting fashion brand practices that really stand out: One Match brand features exclusive use of a factory that employs only single mothers, and brand makes zero carbon emissions dresses.

There is also a brand creating designer sunglasses made 100% sustainably, with proceeds from each pair purchased used to help fund vision care in Africa.
This new platform is the brainchild of Laura Chavez, who explains, "Just as we helped disrupt the old diamond mining industry, I wanted to go beyond jewellery and create a platform where we match with luxury brands from all around the world who share our passion for creating, brands that are disrupting their respective corners of the market, just like how Lark & Berry helped pave a new way forward for luxury jewellery."


Lark & Berry Match is a new shopping portal made solely of must-have items.

The platform sorts through hundreds of brands and invites only those who exhibit exceptional quality in the luxury goods they produce. This dedication to quality and uniqueness translates to the products, making them something customers will undoubtedly love.

Visit Lark & Berry Match today at to start shopping, and discover a new world of luxury fashion. Don't forget to follow Lark & Berry Match on Instagram @larkandberry.match for the latest updates and fashion inspiration.


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