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Five Days of Fabulous Personalities Sporting Lark & Berry Cultured Diamonds | Lark and Berry

Five Days of Fabulous Personalities Sporting Lark & Berry Cultured Diamonds

A glance through Lark & Berry’s online store reveals jewellery set with the luxury world’s most brilliant white cultured diamonds—and a few sold out signs.

Search Lark & Berry on Google, and you might see some of the U.S. and UK’s brightest actresses, aristocrats and presenters with LB bling-in-their-(ear)rings punctuated with Lark & Berry’s finest created diamonds.

…all to say, we’re changing the industry and taking it by storm!

2019 just began, but we have quite the cultured diamonds celeb highlight reel going.

First up, British model Alice Levine, who’s making waves in UK television, radio and podcasting.

Lark & Berry fans on the Brit-side of the pond know Levine for hosting the weekend afternoon show on BBC Radio 1 and for her work on the My Dad Wrote a Porno podcast.

Alice Levine just had one of her biggest gigs yet hosting the 2019 Brit Awards, and we here at Lark & Berry and her fans alike were stunned by her twinkling pair of Modernist Pavé Mini Hoops, featuring luxury’s best lab grown diamonds and a too-cool-for-school labret from our Veto collection. Thanks Alice!

We know a lot of you like to get delicious Internet gossip and keep up on the hottest fashion and luxury trends…

Did anyone peep English aristocrat and model Clara Paget at the Fabulous Fund Fair?

The Roundhouse in London’s hip Camden district became a Roman city for the occasion, which included a quite authentic-appearing fountain. But all eyes were on Paget as she strolled the mock-Italian streets supporting the Fund Fair’s charitable cause of raising money for children with special needs. Besides her natural beauty, Paget stunned with her Dark Halo Drop Earrings, glowing with their pale pink sapphire stones surrounded by circles of marvellous man made diamonds.

Peaky Blinders alum Kate Phillips has enough acting chops to get us to believe anything… but looking stunning at the premiere for new film The Aftermath was her most natural performance ever.

This, thanks in no small part to the supporting role of her Star Diamond Pave Earrings. Stars—a natural choice for someone as on-the-rise as Phillips, what with their 14K Yellow and Rose Gold features and dense clusters of glittering grown diamonds.

But let’s not leave out the USA, Lark & Berry’s second home!

What’s a more appropriate showcase for the amazing technological achievement of our cultured diamonds than the 2019 Hollywood Science Gala?

Model Josie Canseco was the talk of the party, looking quite inter-stellar in her Lark & Berry cultured diamond earrings and necklace from our breathtaking Knot collection.

Hey, a science gala—what a time to illustrate the clear benefits of man made diamonds over mined? Lab grown diamonds, created diamonds, cultured diamonds—whatever you wanna call them, the important thing is cultured diamonds are identical to mined, just at better prices—and they make their way to your jewellery with far, far less harm to the environment!

Finally, we think there’s no better way to end this brag-fest (haha guilty!) than with Lark & Berry’s most legendary showing yet—none other than Bond-girl actress Jane Seymour, who sported her Flora Emerald Detachable Drop earrings at the 2019 Global Green Pre-Oscar Gala.

Fabulous choice, Jane! As savvy Lark & Berry pop-culture fans are no doubt aware, this upcoming Oscars are mired in controversy and host-less, but there was nothing debatable about how amazing Jane looked with her drop-emeralds in lovely green to match her dress. Rumours that Seymour, looking so breathtaking in Lark & Berry, was offered to take over as Oscars host at the gala cannot be confirmed at this time ;)

There you have it! Five Days, Five Fab Women showing the luxury, science and entertainment industries that in 2019, cultured diamonds are where it’s at!




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