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Galentine’s Day – Where did it come from, anyway? | Lark and Berry

Galentine’s Day – Where did it come from, anyway?

“Galentine’s Day,” as they say – you’ve probably heard of this analogue  for Valentine’s Day by now through social media, some of your favourite TV shows or podcasts and so on – but we’re betting, like us, you didn’t know exactly how Galentine’s Day came to be...

Did you know Galentine’s Day originates from the popular NBC TV comedy ‘Parks and Recreation’ from the US?

In the popular series, which aired from 2009 to 2015, main character Leslie Knope (played by comedian Amy Poehler) enlightened us, in the show’s second season, to her personal tradition of Galentine’s Day – in which on 13th February, she would gather her closest gal-friends for a waffles brunch, and the group would shower each other with gifts and praise!

Parks and Rec being the cultural phenomenon it was – giving birth to plenty of memes and other quotable phrases and jokes – was the perfect launchpad for birthing a new “holiday.” Shortly after the episode (around 2010), Galentine’s Day found its way into comparable levels of marketing as Valentine’s Day!

The traditions of Galentine’s Day are of course pretty self-explanatory. It’s for friends and fun activities! And it could be fairly intuited, we feel, that the culture at large was ready and willing for a new day to supplant Valentine’s if one wished for a substitute – after all, what about those of us who are single or just happened to break up shortly before Valentine’s? Who wants all that pressure and focus on having a significant other!

Our friends are always there for us, guaranteed, and accept us flaws and all, possibly to a degree just short of family. Thus, Galentine’s Day has been a happy tradition ever since to say, “forget it” to the typical date-night celebration with its stress of making sure restaurant reservations are secured. The advent and proliferation of Galentine’s Day has seen all kinds of happy hours, group spa discounts, brunch deals and more spring up over the years to provide fun opportunities for all of us to cherish our besties.

You might be wondering… ‘great, but where does Lark & Berry come into the picture?’ Glad you asked! We love Galentine’s Day, and we relished in the opportunity this year to create a great offer for groups of two or more besties to celebrate.

On 5th, 12th or 19th February, book a duo or trio piercing experience for you and your best friends with us for Galentine's Day! You'll get 20% off our over 50 selections of fine piercings. Choose from classic pieces or something more edgy and modern - and all including our renowned cultured diamonds - not to mention pretty much any other gemstone you could dream of! There's quite a wide variety of colours, metals and styles. You’ll also get a complimentary "bottle of bubbly" and other treats!


Happy Galentine’s Day, and we hope to see you and your closest girls for a piercing experience none of you will forget! Click here to book now!


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