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Engagement Rings

Elevate your love story with the epitome of eco-friendly elegance. Lark & Berry proudly presents a collection of engagement rings that redefine luxury. Our lab-created diamonds, celebrated for their superb cut and top-tier optical properties, radiate unmatched brilliance. Each engagement ring is meticulously crafted by our team of jewellery experts to symbolise your commitment perfectly. With the sparkle and fire of a natural diamond, but without ethical concerns, our lab-grown diamond engagement rings are conflict-free, allowing you to embark on your journey with a clear conscience. Explore the ideal carat weight and discover the perfect ring that truly captures your love, exclusively at Lark & Berry.


Your love story is unique, and your ring should be too.

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Ethical Diamond Engagement Rings

Experience the ultimate in eco-conscious luxury with Lark & Berry's ethical lab-grown diamond engagement rings. Our exquisite collection of lab-created diamond rings blends high-quality craftsmanship with a commitment to sustainability. These conflict-free gems exhibit the same excellent cut and optical properties as natural diamonds, making them a symbol of true love and environmental responsibility. As jewellery experts, we take pride in offering you the perfect engagement ring, tailored to your unique love story. With our eco-friendly lab-grown diamonds, you can declare your devotion in style, knowing that your choice is both ethical and breathtakingly beautiful. Choose Lark & Berry for the wedding band that symbolizes your commitment to a brighter, sustainable future.

Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings FAQ

What are lab grown diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds, also known as lab-created or cultured diamonds, are diamonds that are created in a controlled environment, typically in a laboratory setting. These exquisite gems possess the same exceptional optical, physical, and chemical properties as natural diamonds, including their excellent cut and remarkable brilliance. Lab-grown diamonds are eco-friendly alternatives to mined diamonds, and they are crafted with a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, ensuring that they are conflict-free.

How are lab grown diamonds made?

Lab-grown diamonds are meticulously crafted through a fascinating process called Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) or High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) techniques. In CVD, a carbon-rich gas is used to grow a diamond layer on a diamond seed, while HPHT recreates the extreme heat and pressure conditions found deep within the Earth to crystallize carbon into a diamond. These methods meticulously replicate the natural process of diamond formation, resulting in lab-created diamonds with impeccable optical properties and a high degree of purity.

What’s the difference between mined diamonds vs. lab grown diamonds?

The primary distinction between mined and lab-grown diamonds lies in their origin. Mined diamonds are extracted from the Earth, often raising ethical and environmental concerns. In contrast, lab-grown diamonds are created in controlled environments, ensuring they are eco-friendly and conflict-free. Both types share the same optical qualities, such as excellent cut and brilliance, but lab-grown diamonds offer a sustainable, ethical, and environmentally responsible choice.

What are the benefits of lab-grown diamond engagement rings?

Lab-grown diamond engagement rings offer numerous advantages. They are eco-friendly, with minimal environmental impact, and are conflict-free, allowing you to make a socially responsible choice. These diamonds boast excellent cut and optical properties, providing breathtaking beauty. Additionally, the transparency in their sourcing adds peace of mind, making them the perfect symbol of your commitment while aligning with your values.

How to measure engagement ring size?

To determine your ideal engagement ring size, you may download our ring size guide here. You may also go into any jewellery store and ask them to measure your finger. Alternatively, you can measure the diameter of an existing ring that fits the intended finger comfortably with a ruler. Keep in mind the carat weight and style of the ring, as they may affect the fit. You may have to size up in certain instances. Please contact us if you have any further questions. 

How to choose an engagement ring setting?

Selecting the right engagement ring setting is a personal choice. Consider your partner's style and preferences, as well as the carat weight and diamond shape. Popular settings include solitaire, halo, and vintage-inspired designs, all of which can be tailored to your loved one's taste.

Can I make my own engagement ring?

Yes, we offer the option to custom design your engagement ring. You can choose everything from the setting, styles of settings, diamonds on the sides, on the band, as well as special engravings, such as motifs or letters. You may also select your ideal lab-grown diamond based on your preferred colour, clarity, and cut. Furthermore, we can even cut your own unique diamond, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind ring that perfectly reflects your love story. To start creating your unique bespoke ring contact us or learn more here.

What are tips for choosing a lab-grown engagement ring?

When choosing a lab-grown engagement ring, place your emphasis on the diamond's quality, paying particular attention to its cut and carat weight, while also ensuring it harmonises with your ethical principles. At Lark & Berry, our legacy as pioneers in lab-grown diamonds uniquely positions us to lead you through the selection journey. Allow us to be your trusted guide in discovering the ideal ring that not only symbolizes your commitment but also champions eco-friendly, conflict-free practices.

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