Keep That Red Carpet Rolled Out – The Oscars of Jewellery has just been awarded for our collection!

Keep That Red Carpet Rolled Out – The Oscars of Jewellery has just been awarded for our collection! | Lark and Berry

Green Book and Roma weren’t the only big winners this awards’ season. Nope, our jewelry maker Theo JUST WON A GRAFF AWARD for a suite designed and commissioned by yours truly, Lark & Berry!

That’s right!!! And to celebrate, you’re gonna get a sneak peak for what won the GRAFF award: our NEW, upcoming and as-yet-still-unreleased Asymmetrical Bow collection.

But first, let us share what this award represents. It’s not just that we were best in show here… this award win is history in the making!

The GRAFF Award win for Lark & Berry's collection is akin to a Best Picture Oscar victory in luxury and marks the first time in history an award as prestigious as this has been granted for a jewelry piece made with cultured diamonds.

The organization running the event's official website states their organization is governed by a committee of 21 trade-based experts from which council members are recruited through a process of nomination and election. The GRAFF Special Award for Lark & Berry's suite will sit alongside that of prestigious French jewelry house Cartier, the Council’s long-term supporter of the distinguished and esteemed Jacques Cartier Memorial Prize.

The organizer's Instagram account stated when announcing the winner, that the GRAFF award seeks to identify, reward and celebrate fine diamond jewelry of originality, meticulous detail and distinction.

We are just beside ourselves with excitement! It’s such a thrill, because not only are we such a young company—we haven’t even had our doors open for a year yet—but being picked for the GRAFF award for one of our collections, by the leading luxury experts in the world, to take their prize with a suite containing only lab created diamonds further assures the public that there truly is no difference between cultured diamonds and mined diamonds. Further, the award shows that GRAFF felt our cultured diamonds Bow suite to be the most beautiful and creative high-end jewelry in the running—more so than any of our competitors’ jewelry. The only difference between cultured diamonds and mined truly comes down to things that we can actually see. With grown above ground diamonds, we get lower prices, no conflict and vastly less environmental damage to Earth.

How’s that for anticipation in getting a sneak peek into our newly awarded Asymmetrical Bow collection? Here’s some deets:

The Bow collection uses only the most precious and glittery created diamonds. The suite consists of a 11.6 carat diamond necklace, 2.5 carat diamond earrings, and a 2.4 carat engagement ring and wedding band all set in platinum.

…like what you see? Are you as excited as us? We hope so! And now, our speech. Ahem…

Well, here it is in short: There are so many respected jewelry organizations involved in judging capacities for this competition and so many amazing diamond jewelry competitors.

For the GRAFF award to be given for our pieces while using lab grown diamonds is a victory not just for Lark & Berry, but also for man-made diamonds as the new way forward.

Thank you, you beautiful cultured diamond fans!

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